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Benefits of CRC Tattoo Remover I+II

  • No topical anesthetic needed due to superficial technique of application

  • Minimal sensation during treatment client is comfortable during and after removal session

  • We never cause bleeding, therefor no scabbing, no scarring

  • Area can be cleansed and makeup applied in 6-24 hours after removal appointment

  • Quick, easy and stress free service average 40 minutes 

  • Next appointment can take place in as little as 2.5-4 weeks dependent on skin tone

  • Does not rely on lymphatic system to remove ink from your body


CRC Tattoo Remover I+II System In Person Course


    Students will receive the following during 1 day class:            

    • Science behind and Theory of CRC Remover
    • Fundamentals of skin structure and function of the skin

    • Immune response

    • Skin phototypes and Ph of skin

    • Complications and how to avoid them

    • Mechanism and protocol of the CRC TATOO Remover I + II biochemical system

    • Combined use of CRC remover and laser

    • How to educate your client on tattoo removal services and how to address potential concerns/questions

    • Contraindications of the procedure/who is or is not a good candidate

     * Lunch provided*

    • ​​Instructor demonstration
    • Live and hands on training with models

    • Student kit: includes CRC Tattoo Remover product with manual hand tool needles

    • CRC manual writted and published by Deborah, with all  necessary forms for clients and artists 

    • Brochures written and published by Deborah, a wonderful way to help educate potential clients

    • Aftercare cards written and published by Deborah for client reference

    • Continued support by Deborah
    • Private Facebook group support 
    • Certification in the highly respected CRC method of tattoo removal

     I am always open to traveling, if a studio wishes to host a class. Host may be eligible for reduced or even free training!                         

    My class sizes are very limited. I have been in many classes over the years where very little if any time was given to students enrolled, as a student I found that very frustrating.  ​                                                

    I also realize we all have busy schedules so I always try to work with students and their schedules for training.                                                                                                                                                      Please contact me if you have any questions at: 

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