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What To Expect

How much discomfort will there be? 

The use of high quality topical anesthetics before and during keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. 

What pigments and instruments are used?

Pigments and single use disposable instruments (no cross contamination) approved for medical tattoos and permanent make up have been carefully chosen by Deborah at Healing Artistry. Our pigments used are made in the USA. A very reputable color line that stays true, are certified under the European Union ResAP 2008, vegan free, no animal testing and sterile. Depending on clients needs either a manual or machine method will be chosen for the procedure. 

Is permanent makeup/medical tattooing a good fit for me?

We provide and require a complimentary consultation take place before any procedure. This allows  you as a client the opportunity to ask any question you may have. It also  allows us to understand your expectations, fill out necessary paperwork and address any health concerns. This may result in needing release from your physician, due to your best interest. It also gives us the opportunity to do a skin test to check for possible allergic reaction to pigment, topical anesthetic or aftercare product. Every effort is made to make your experience pleasant.


How long will it last?

Results and longevity varies according to lifestyle choices such as: Sun exposure/tanning beds, time spent in chlorinated pools/oceans, heavy sweating during frequent exercising, alcohol/drug intake, smoker, prescription drugs or medical conditions/illness. We recommend a color boost every 12-18 months as needed.

What is the recovery time for permanent makeup?

You may choose to forgo any social plans for the first couple of days. Some clients may experience slight swelling, redness and/or intensity of color. We will address these scenarios along with aftercare at your appointment.


Are you a candidate for Skin Color Re pigmentation?

You might be a candidate if you meet the criteria listed below. Your scar should be:

  1.  Healed and no longer pink in color, at least 9-12 months old with stable color.

  2.  Smooth and relatively flat, camouflage tattooing can sometimes disguise or correct extreme changes in skin texture.

  3.  Without dark edges or boarders. This may indicate Post Inflammatory 

     Hyper- pigmentation from the initial trauma or surgery.

  1.  Not one of the following: Port Wine birthmarks, spider veins, freckles, age spots, under eye circles, or hyper-pigmentation. Please consult with a physician regarding the best course of treatment for these conditions.


Have realistic expectations:

Camouflage tattooing will not completely restore skin to the way it looked before it was injured. The process will not erase a scar or skin abnormality so it appears completely gone. With this technique we are looking for improvement of color differences not perfection.

Don't expect results in one session:

Camouflage re-pigmentation is a process, not a one time cure. It is performed on unhealthy skin tissue that has been damaged or altered. Its response cannot be predicted, a scar may have areas that absorb pigment readily, reject it, or both. The area will look dark and red immediately after a session, then it takes several weeks to show the healed color. This requires time and patience.

If you spend time outdoors:

A scar camouflage tattoo will not be a perfect match to the surrounding skin color. This is due to the constant changes in skin tone due to blood flow, body temperature, and sun exposure.  The pigment in the tattoo will not darken if it is exposed to sunlight, so the tattoo may appear lighter if the surrounding skin tans. When the tattoo color matches tanned skin, it may appear darker once the tanned skin fades. Because of this, if you spend a lot of time outdoors, you will need to determine whether to match your winter or summer skin tone and live with the changes in between.

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